Places to Visit around Glastonbury

Glastonbury high street

Glastonbury is a unique and atmospheric small town on the ancient Isle of Avalon that has long been a centre of pilgrimage, healing and retreat as well as hosting a full schedule of cosmopolitan music, carnival, training courses, conferences and other events. Its central position makes it an ideal base for visiting an array of wonderful West country locations including many sacred sites and a full range of attractions catering for all interests.

St Michaels Tower on Glastonbury Tor

The town is overlooked by Glastonbury Tor and both were once an island, Avalon, joined to the mainland by a narrow peninsular and surrounded by tidal marshes, now the Somerset Levels. It has been a sacred site since the Megalithic period, 4-5000 years ago, was the site of the largest medievel abbey in England and legend tells that Jesus and Joseph of Arimathaea visited, and that King Arthur and Guinevere were buried here.

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